The screen recording a simple program to capture any area of the screen along with the audio. This program is easy to use and has all the tools to make the best screen capture. You can capture any area of the screen that may be full screen or partial part of the program. By using this program, you can record streaming audio and video, skype video chat, webinar, movies and TV series. After completing screen capture, you can edit unnecessary portion of the video that can be from beginning, middle or end of the video. You can do screen capture for full page and scrolling screen shot. There is also tools to do grab vertical and horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpage, long chat message and everything in between. Visit below site to get more info on screen recorder




    Do annotation with professional markup tool and also add professionalism to your screenshot.


    Webcam Recording:

    You can do webcam recording along with screen recording. It is also helpful for creating online tutorial which is easy for the user to follow.


    Record Audio:

    Record audio from your microphone or speaker and also include audio in your video.


    Animated GIF:

    Convert any short recording into animated GIF and quickly add it to website, document or chat. It comes with default and custom option to create a perfect a GIF.


    Zoom in and zoom out function:

    You can use the zoom function where you can highlight the particular area to bring attention from the viewer's.


    Copy to clipboard or save it locally:

    This function lets you to copy the screenshot to clipboard or you can save the screen shot locally.


    Add logo to your video:

    There is also option to add logo to your video to show the brand name as well as to show who is the creator.


    Advantages of this screen recorder:

    Screen recorder is used to convey your message through screen shot and it also saves you lot of time. If you find hard to write through words, then you can use the screen recorder. Nowadays, most of them are visual learner and lecturer can create videos with images, graphics, chart, photo and more to help students to understand the concept. Students can post a question by pausing the video when they have a doubt and helps the student to follow along with your content. many of the classroom going through flipped classroom approach where the student can study while at home itself and come to the next day class with prepared question to ask doubt. It comes with ADA compliance where the online lecture content helps to accomadate student with disability. You can get captions and audio for lecture material that can assist with hearing and visual impairment.


    Screen Casting Software

  • Apowersoft Screen Capture

    It is a multi-function screen recording program to do full screen capture or customizable screen capture. Apowersoft screen capture is a user friendly interface where you can quickly capture and do editing for the screen capture which can be from any part of the video. The captured images can be saved in different formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF and more. Where the videos can be saved different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI and other formats. It comes with advanced image editor that allows you to perform multiple modification, add annotation and bring effects to the screen capture. With the instant editing sidebars and advanced editing panel where all edits can be done without any hassle. You can also annotate screenshot instantly with many editing option like horizontal toolbar which helps you to add lines, text, arrow, highlight and blur to most of the image. There is also professional image editor which has advanced edit like cropping, resizing, rotating and also add effects like shadow, torn edge and more.


    Create Scheduled Task:


    It lets you to set start and stop time for the screen recording where the recording takes place automatically. You can do the other work when the recording takes place and it is useful to capture important online videos. This is very useful for person who wants to take daily or weekly screenshot.


    Image Uploading and Social Sharing Button: 


    It comes with an integrated image uploading and social sharing button which is useful to upload images to cloud space or share the images with friends. You also get free cloud space with security protection and there is auto generated link like direct link, image link, HTML link and more.


    Benefits of Screen Recorder:


    It is used in department like education, marketing, business and more. Teachers use the screencasting program to create engaging video lesson and share it with others. This helps the student to learn the lesson priorly and can learn it with example. It makes the next classroom session more interactive and students can clear the doubt. Whereas in marketing, create demo videos about product to explain the features and this is useful to attract numerous viewers. In business, it is useful to share information with partner and employees to take decision quickly. It is also useful for the travelling professional where you can share information quickly without requiring any wire or cords. Even Application developer find the screencasting very useful during the final stage to show how the app is functioning where it may be difficult to explain in words and hard to understand by the user.